Planning on a venue for a vacation is never easy because you need to explore a phenomenal place keeping in mind the budget you have in hand. Tour companies offer you great places but the expenditure seems a little more than you expect this is why you often have to cancel your plans. Central Holidays suggest some of the most exotic places that have this laid back vibe attached to them that you always feel like home. You don’t need to open up Google maps this year because Central Holidays have prepared the best Portugal tour package for you and your family.

Why you should visit Portugal?

1. The stone built villages still stand in place there and if you go for a walk around the country you will feel the breeze of the place telling you a different story.

2. Visit the Algarve coast where you can enjoy a beach picnic or find a luxurious resort. Golf lovers would be excited to hear that they have Golf courses spread around that area.

Central Holidays will recommend you the best places in their Portugal travel package because they know that the country is new for you.

3. Portugal also has some very good surf destinations which include Peniche, Figueira da Foz and Nazare.

4. If you go deep into the Portugal lands then you can find vineyards, olive plantations and country estates at Alentejo region.

5. The climate in Portugal is summery so you can enjoy the crisp sun rays and a sparkling tan.

6. Everybody knows about the bull fights that are famous in Portugal and you can still visit bull rings in Ribatejo. They still have breeding grounds for horses and bulls.

7. The valleys of the Douro River are full of lush greens and terraced lands.

8. Peneda Geres contains wooded mountains and streams that spread around a vast area. It is the only national park found in Portugal.

9. It is a major tourist destination with & million people arriving in Portugal. Visitors who come by on the Portugal vacation package always come back for another.

Central Holidays will recommend you the best places in their Portugal travel package because they know that the country is new for you. Portugal is famous for its lavish coastline and the golden sand that sweeps along your feet once you take a walk at the beach. Portugal is full of peeking hill tops, forts and walled towns that beautify the country. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula bordering along with Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a country that holds deep heritage and it is clearly shown in the architectural monuments dispersed around the country which dates back to almost the 15th century. The country’s capital is known for its night life and clubbing scene. It still has the power and wealth which was taken away earlier. It still maintains the luxury of its golden era.

These Portugal tour packages are really economical and the company makes sure that you are provided with transport and other services that might aid in your trip. Central Holidays are very authentic and they will arrange everything in a short period of time. They cater to your needs accordingly so that you have a safe and sound tour.