We offer many different tour options, and you can even customize your own France holiday tour and packages for an unforgettable and fun yet relaxing and affordable vacation to France.

The Mona Lisa is beautiful, but the sea of Mom jeans surrounding her isn’t. The view from the Eiffel tower is majestic, but you are loath to wait for hours in the heat just to see it. If only you could find the France holiday tour and packages that would let you skip the hype and the tourist traps and get to the parts you really enjoy.

If you don’t want to be on your own in France, but pre-planned tours sound like they are for school trips, consider our customized tour packages to France. We let you choose where you want to visit, how long you want to spend there, and how much you want to be guided. When you call us, we will ask you about your interests and budget and help you assemble the best tour package in France. Whether you are into bed and breakfasts or dirt bikes, we have the perfect France holiday tour and packages for every taste and price range. Our customized tour packages to France are perfect for big or small groups and can last anywhere from a weekend to most of a summer. We have something for everyone, even you misanthropes out there.

Some possible themes for your customized tour packages to France

  • Medieval history
  • Wine
  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Opera

Once I was free from the restrictions of tours that were designed for a generic visitor, I was able to customize the best tour package in France.

The first step to designing the best tour package in France is to call us and start brainstorming. Maybe you care most about seeing the museums in Paris, or maybe you want to skip the city with the outsized attitude entirely and spend your vacation in charming little towns. In either case, our France holiday tour and packages can accommodate your needs.

Our customized tour packages to France for people traveling with elementary school-aged children are not the same as those for singles in their twenties who want to drink their way across France. We will take into consideration all of your needs and preferences.

We can build customized tour packages to France that emphasize cycling and hiking, and we can build tours appropriate for people with limited mobility. We also take into account any dietary restrictions the travelers in your party might have. We can lead you on an entirely vegan tour of France, or an entirely gluten free one, or an entirely halal one, whatever your needs might be. We believe that everyone should get to enjoy French food, and we will use our expertise so that your vacation isn’t nearly over by the time you find appropriate food.