Ancient civilization of Egpyt
Egyptian Museum tours give a glimpse of the ancient and historic civilization in Egypt.
The Egyptian Museum tours delve deep into the mystery of this incredibly rich civilization that flourished along the banks of the mystical Nile river from its Nubian southern borders, right into the Mediterranean sea. provides exclusive tour packages across different countries. They also offer special Egypt tour packages including Egyptian Museum tours, Sonesta Nile cruise and many more Eygptian wonders.

Mysteries of Egypt
The ancient civilisation of Egypt is full of mysteries and wonders to explore. The Egyptian Pharoahs were considered the earthly manifestation of their gods. It was believed that once they left this earth they would be immortal and become gods. The Ancient Egyptians practised the ritual of mummification for preserving the human bodies for the afterlife before burying them in extensively decorated tombs.

The most famous tombs found in Egypt are the ancient Egyptian pyramids, monumental structures made from limestone and the only remaining wonders of the Ancient World. The royal tombs became the target of many robbers due to the fantastic treasures buried with their owners. In the Valley of the Kings, only King Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered intact in 1922 by the well known archaeologist, Howard Carter, providing a tangible insight on the considerable wealth of the pharaohs.

Egyptian Museums with ancient artifacts
The Egyptian Museum in Cairo was built in its current location in 1901. This museum houses the largest collections of Pharaonic antiquities with thousands of pieces of artifacts and objects found in temples and ancient tombs of ruling kings and their family members. TheMuseum spreads over two floors that include ancient monumental statues, sculptures and other masterpieces extending back to 5000 years that will keep one in awe.

The Nubia Museum in Aswan was established in 1997 to store and display the quantities of materials found in temples, tombs and settlements of Egyptian Nubia. It has a collection of around 1500 artifacts displaying the material culture of Nubia, from Prehistory to present times.

The Luxor Museum; One of the best displays of antiquities in Egypt is located at the Luxor Museum, opened in 1975. Housed within a modern building, the collection is limited in the number of items, but they are beautifully displayed. These displays of pottery, jewelry, furniture, statues and stelea were created by the Brooklyn Museum of New York

The Museum of Islamic Ceramics has a beautiful collection of Islamic ceramics across different centuries. It was inaugurated at the end of 1998 and houses a rare collection of ceramics acquired from different Islamic countries representing a variety of decorative techniques applied in the Islamic world from Morocco to Iran. The collection comprises 315 pieces representing popular styles from the different Islamic eras

The Coptic Museum founded in 1910 houses a rare and most extensive collection of the first Christian relics, architectural remains, textiles, icons and old manuscripts. Coptic art is considered a transitory style between Pharaonic and Islamic arts. offers interesting tour packages to different countries inlcluding Egypt. Visit Egyptian Pyramids like Giza Pyramid in Egypt and explore some of the fascinating monuments of Egypt with us.