Good morning dear Lina

I just wanted to share that my dear friends had THE very best time.
They had been to Italy several times before but this time it was very leisurely and exactly what they wanted.
They loved your hotel suggestion for Siena, the private driver they had while there was wonderful they said. They were blown away with The Regina Palace, of course!
So thank you, thank you, thank you. You made coming out of retirement for my friends a lot easier!
I hope we can keep in touch.

All the best

I just received a message from my clients. They got back from their tour today and found a bottle of wine and chocolates from Central Holidays. They were very surprised, and I was too. Thank you for this gesture. This is what I call “good customer service”. By the way, they did the Vatican tour today and the tour guide gave them tickets to see the Pope tomorrow. They are so happy, they can’t believe this is happening.

I appreciate what you and Central Holidays did for them. This was their 50th wedding anniversary trip, and they say it has been the trip of their lifetime.

Best Regards

Josephine is the best and enjoy working with her. I personally never traveled to Europe and trust Central Holidays to take care of my clients’ needs.

Extend my best wishes during the holiday season to your wonderful staff.

Best wishes

We had a wonderful time. All the accommodations were excellent. The location of the hotels were perfect and we walked a lot. The weather really work out for us as well.

Hi Lynn

My clients loved All the hotels , they had an outstanding time.
Thank you for all your advice.
Love it when all goes great.
Thank you again

Hi Lynn-

I wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous trip to Paris – what a beautiful city!! We had perfect weather, low 70’s and no wind. Just a little rain one day, but we had planned a visit to the Cluny museum so that worked out fine.

The hotel was lovely, and as you know, a great location. We were able to walk to most everything which gave us a chance to see all of the extraordinary architecture throughout the city. The half day Versailles tour was great for our first day. We also really enjoyed the day-long sight-seeing tour since we got to see so much of the city – our guide, Sebastian, was terrific! Our tour to Normandy was also wonderful – a long day, but something we wouldn’t have wanted to miss. We wish we’d had a little more time in the memorial museum (it is so well done), but other than that, it was great. This is a good option for tourists staying in Paris – we met a couple on the Versailles tour that did the same thing.

We were told by all of the guides that the crowds were nothing like they usually are in Paris, I suspect that’s because of the recent bombings in France. So we were lucky and just walked right into all of the museums without waiting in a queue. We went to the Louvre, the Orsay, the Rodin, Napoleon’s Tomb, and the Cluny. We even got a 4 day pass instead of the 2-day without extra cost because of a special they were running.

And the Bustronome was a great event for our last evening in Paris. By that time we knew a lot of the major landmarks so we were able to enjoy seeing the city at night while dining – it was different and fun!

All of the travel arrangements were great, as we experienced previously when we used Central Holidays for a trip to Spain with our daughter. The only problem we had was with the airport transportation when we arrived. The instructions said to call the number listed, but when called, there was only a recording in French, not English, and we don’t speak French! So we ended up having a woman a the information desk call for us. She determined that the driver was at the wrong terminal, but he came and got us so all ended well. You may want to have someone check on the transportation # so that other travelers don’t have the same issue.

Thank you for all of your help and advice – it was a wonderful trip!!

Hi Cassie,

We're back from our Italy vacation that we booked through you and Central Holidays. We want to thank you for answering all of my questions and helping us to know as much as possible about the trip.
Everything about the trip was terrific. Our leader/escort (Lorenzo) was caring, considerate and knowledgeable about what seemed to be everything. Our driver (Rocco) was outstanding in his ability to maneuver in tight spaces. Our daily guides were very knowledgeable and made everything so much more meaningful than we could have found out on our own. And our traveling companions were terrific. Such a great group and it was small. Nineteen people for eight days and 22 for the last few. And the weather was wonderful too.

I suspect that no other trip can match this one.

Thank you again for your part,

All our best,