Egypt and pyramid are two words that are inseparable. The pyramids are testaments to the advancements of the Egyptians. Egypt is one country that brings to mind vast deserts and huge, imposing pyramids. Everyone wants to visit the Egyptian pyramids.

Egypt is located in the Northeastern part of the continent of Africa. For thousands of years, Egypt has been inhabited by advanced societies and cultures. And still this country remains an intriguing mystery. These Egyptian pyramids were built by a society reaching far back into history.

Historically the peak of the Egyptian civilization is said to have begun around the year 3500 BC. However, it ended around 30BC when the Roman Empire took over Egypt. For nearly 3000 years, many rulers, or pharaohs, governed the country through different dynasties.

Anyone on a pyramid tour is fascinated by the pyramids' shape. It is said that the shape of Egypt's pyramids have been derived from the primordial mound. A trip to visit the Egyptian pyramids is something on many people's wish list. People love to see mystical qualities and the history of the pyramids is fascinating. Regardless of their unique shape and colossal size, they remain burial chambers. They are some of the largest man-made structures in the world. It won't be wrong to say that the Egyptian pyramids will continue to hold people's interest for many years to come.

There are almost 110 pyramids in Egypt and all vary in shapes and sizes. According to archaeologists, the Egyptian pyramids were constructed as burial monuments associated with royal solar and stellar cults. The majority of them were built during the Old and Middle Kingdom periods.

The best time to visit the Egyptian pyramids is October to April. During these months the climate is moderate. STI Travel offers various tours to visit the Egyptian pyramids on a year-round basis. The biggest advantage of touring via STI Travel is that it offers budget Egypt tours at an affordable price. For visiting the Egyptian pyramids you don't have to spend thousands of dollars.

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