Egypt, a country that has beckoned kings, poets and fortune hunters ever since the dawn of time, is steeped in mystery, romance and adventure. For several centuries, people have willingly crossed the Seven Seas to feast their eyes on the world’s largest open air museum. Egypt continues to be one of the favorite holiday destinations for tourists around the world. So if you have dreamt of the majesty of the Great Pyramids, of feeling awestruck at the sight of the mysterious looking Sphinx or admiring the ancient gold of Tut's Tomb, then the magic of Egypt awaits you.

The bounties of Egypt are so plentiful that it will satisfy all sorts of tourists. If you are the luxury loving type, you have the option of staying in luxurious properties in Egypt's metropolis or sea resorts and cruising on the Nile on board a five star ship; but if you are on a budget, more economical accommodation are also available; if you seek adventure and mystery explore with your guide the Egyptian pyramids of Giza, the tombs of the Valleys of the Kings but also a myriad of sites strewn all over Egypt's Nile Valley, on its coastlines on 2 seas, in its oases of the Western Desert and the mystical Sinai Peninsula.

While in the city of Cairo, make sure you visit the Cairo museum. The museum contains an inestimable collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. Other interesting places in Egypt include the Ben Ezra Synagogue, circa 4th century, the Citadel built by Saladin in the 12th century and the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali dating back to the 19th century. So make sure you carry plenty of film for your camera.

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