Spain is a country bursting with beauty and sensationalism. With cities gleaming with exotic and amazing aspects of brilliance, a Spain Holiday Tour becomes something of a must do venture. But when it comes to the whole country, it is usually too much to take in at once. So what do we do? We go to the one place that is most spectacular, most popular and definitely most amazing amongst all. Madrid.

Madrid is everything put together into a single place. It has culture, cuisine, modern and sleek style, and most of all, class. Now, you may get a Madrid Vacation Package to help out with the tour, but will it really show you the way around. The true meaning of a tour, a vacation, cannot be achieved, sadly, through a vacation package. Though they do give you some of the best features of the city, they do not bring out its inner form and give you the real view of all the culture and tradition hidden deep inside.

So what is the true meaning of vacation? It is giving yourself up, completely to the freedom of the city you are in and absorb every single emotion of joy it provides. If you achieve that your holiday was successful. Still, knowing the way around one of the major cities in Spain isn’t a simple task. You see it requires a bit of knowledge and a bit of patience, and of course, a major part of bravery, to finally let yourself go into the suburbs of Madrid.

Spain’s capital offers an evocative taste of the country’s heritage as a global empire, with elegant Baroque buildings, grand plazas, and monumental fountains lending the city a regal ambience. With its bustling energy and incomparable nightlife, Madrid exemplifies Spain’s unique standing as a meeting-place of the old and new worlds. The city’s world-class museums include the Prado, with Europe’s finest masterpieces of Spanish art, and the Reina Sofia Museum, with its incredible collection of over 20,000 works of contemporary art.

That goes to show how a variety of styles make Madrid a joy to explore. But we are not done yet. First, before moving on, there is one definite thing you need to know. The weather. You see, the weather in Spain is exquisite yet dramatic and unenjoyable at times as well. So the best time to visit Spain and Madrid, is sometime after the summer ends. At the start of winter, you get Madrid in front of you with full potential to inspire, amaze and stun you to the ground.

Yet there are the most outclass and top experiences that you MUST have while visiting Madrid. Here they are:

  • Strolling the Centro Histórico: The Plaza Mayor on any late night when it’s almost empty is the place that best evokes the glory of Spain’s golden age.


  • Painting the Past: Find a pleasant mix of art and architecture in the Prado, the Reina Sofía, and the Thyssen, all of which display extensive and impressive collections.



  • Relaxing on the Green: Visit the Retiro Gardens on a Sunday morning, when it’s at its most boisterous, to unwind and take in the sun and merrymaking.



  • Bar-hopping: Indulge in a madrilène way of socializing. Learn about the art of tapas and sample local wines while wandering among the bars of Cava Baja.



  • Famous Nightlife: When other cities turn off their lights, madrilènos swarm to the bars of the liveliest neighborhoods—Malasaña, Chueca, Lavapiés, and more—and stretch the party out until dawn.