Everyone dreams of visiting Paris, so much so that its most famous sites often become swamped with camera-clicking tourists almost every day of the year. Some parts of France, and of Paris in particular, are so overrun with tourists and the tourism industry they deter visitors who want to take their time and enjoy France.

For people who don’t want to wander around France on their own but also don’t want to be shuttled in and out of the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral before they even have a chance to take it in, we offer customized holiday packages to France. You get to decide which places you want to visit, and we will organize everything for you. Your own personal holiday tours package to France can take you from the English Channel to the French Riviera and back, or it can stay in and around Paris, depending on what is most important to you. You can even design themed France holiday travel packages that focus on wine, churches, fashion, cheese, Impressionist art, or whatever it is that attracts you to France in the first place.

Our customized holiday packages to France are no more expensive than any other organized tours. For one price, we will take care of hotel accommodations, tickets to attractions, transportation within France, and even some meals. If you want to take a large group to France, you can organize a holiday tours package to France just for them. You might think that customized holiday packages to France are just for large groups, but we can even help you organize a customized tour for a group of fewer than ten people.

Our France holiday travel packages are perfect for travelers who enjoy the finer things in life but who do not have an unlimited amount of money to spend. They have enough structure that you do not have to do a lot of planning, but they also leave you some free time to go exploring. They are not like those cruises that only let you spend three hours on an island before you have to be back on the ship. You can even build entire days of unstructured free time in a particular city into your tour. We know France inside and out, so if you want to spend most of your vacation in small towns that do not have many foreign visitors, we can arrange that, too.