Egypt - the eternal romance of Africa, a land of mystique and mysteries, is a place that has fired the imagination of poets and fortune-hunters alike. Who can visit this ode to human endeavor and remain untouched by its bounties? Who can gaze at the glorious pyramids and remain unaffected by their grandeur or stare at the colossal sphinx and not feel diminutive under its gaze? Egypt is truly a land like no other.

If you want to experience the magnificence of Egypt while traveling in lap of luxury, there is no better way of doing it than by taking a Nile river cruise. Allow your imagination to soar for an instant and try to picture the sight by traveling on a floating palatial hotel on a river that fed an entire civilization, with ancient wonders situated along its banks. There are several practical advantages of taking the Nile cruise.

For one you don't have to constantly pack, unpack and pack again while moving from one site to the other. On an Egyptian luxury cruise your hotel travels with you, allowing you to completely relax. Egyptian luxury cruises, permit one to disembark and visit the various local attractions, take a peek into the colorful lives of the natives and mix with the local merchants. So, the Nile river cruises are the best way of enjoying in a truly regal manner, a blend of adventure and luxury.

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STI Travel offers a variety of packages. The Nile river cruising boats range from the extravagant Sonesta Nile Cruises offering all-suites 5 star super deluxe boats, to the quaint 4 Star M/S Nile Dream. Another possibility includes cruising on Lake Nasser on board luxurious or reasonably priced boats such as the M/s Nubian Sea, M/S Kasr Ibrim and M/S Eugenie. To find out more about these wonderful Nile River cruises, visit us at