The vestige of ancient Egyptian civilization attracts millions of tourists each year. Firmly clutched to its ancient lineage, this enchanting land offers innumerable attractions that can not be matched by any other place on this planet. When one thinks of Egypt, the first thing that comes to mind is its magnificent pyramids. These ancient pyramids were the funeral complexes for ancient Pharaohs. These immortal testaments to ancient Egyptian architecture, enthralls all those who have the fortune of seeing these monuments.
The first Egyptian architect, who pioneered the concept of Pyramids, was the great Imhotep. He was commissioned to build the tomb for the Pharaoh Djozer. Pharaoh Djozer's tomb is built in "Mastaba" style and is a six layered, stepped pyramid standing 204 feet high.

The Mastaba styled pyramids were gradually replaced as the Egyptians builders perfected their skill and was able to construct the awe-inspiring pyramids as those found in Giza. Of all the pyramids at Giza, the Khufu pyramid, standing at a height of 450 feet is the largest. Built over a period of twenty nine years, the pyramid stands almost untouched by the passage of time.

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