Please accept my apology for taking so long to thank you for our wonderful trip last January.

I just re-read some of the other testimonials and can only ditto what has been said. I've placed comments about STI and you on Trip Advisor.
I would like to send additional praise to STI for all their help when my sister left home without her medication. She discovered this just before boarding flight and called her friend and asked her to get in touch with STI and see what could be done. STI spent a lot of time and efforts trying to get these medications overnighted to her. My sister's friend also thanks STI for their wonderful cooperation.
Lastly, I want to thank Heather personally for her help. I have never taken a tour as presented and you were outstanding while I changed a little here and then later changed a little there, until I had exactly what I wanted. I cannot praise you and STI enough. You and your reps in Egypt were outstanding. Thank you again.

We arrived safely back in the US on Saturday - what a trip! Thanks for your help in arranging it. The Sakara representatives in Egypt did an outstanding job of making all the logistics work. Our guide, Ihab Wadgy was beyond amazing! I know I speak for the entire group when I say we could not have had a better guide! When we go to Egypt again - we will certainly request his help!

Hi Philippe,

Had a brief chat to Wendi this morning and all reports so far for the Battlefield Group is very good. She has not had a detailed chat to the tour leader, but he indicated that everything went well and that the group enjoyed the trip very much and that, for some, the trip into the desert was a highlight.

Thank you for all your assistance with the group and your patience with all our questions. It is very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Reservation 7878, passageners: M. Gail and Quentin W. Schillare.
Accomodation ratings: MS Mojito Nile Cruise: Good; Cairo Marriott: Excellent. Transfer services: Cairo: Excellent
Plus; Aswan: Excellent; Luxor: Excellent. Because of a flight delay coming from Dubai we arrived in Cairo on 5 March too late to make our connection to Aswan to meet the cruise. Achmed from the Sakkara Travel Group Heliopolis office met us and provided superior service getting us visas, passed through immigration and customs, rescheduled on a later flight and arranged for us to spent our waiting time relaxing at a local hotel, and getting us back to the airport for our flight. We will send a thank you note to Sakkara Travel. Other transfers were just as advertized. Escort and guide: Ashraf met our (late) flight in Aswan and gave us a catchup tour of everything on our itinerary and got us to the hotel boat. He was knowledgable, friendly and very helpful.

Airline within the tour: Egypt Air from Dubai to Cairo, Cairo to Aswan and Luxor to Cairo: Good. Dubai to Cairo flight was an hour and a half late because of problems in Dubai.

Recommendation: absolutely. STI did a excellent job with the meet, greet and transfer services. Important activities when traveling in the MIddle East.

Sakkara Travel,

1. We would like to thank you for the excellent service your agency provided us on a recent trip to Cairo.

2. Our flight from Dubai was late and we missed our connection to Aswan. We were met by Achmed from your office. He did a superior job of greeting us, getting visas, escorting us around the Cairo airport, rescheduling our flight and arranging for us to spend our time before the later flight at an airport hotel. He was friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and spoke excellent English.

3. We greately appreciated his help.
Thanks you,

We just got back from a 10 day tour with STI (known as Sakkara in Egypt) and had an awesome experience. This was our first trip to Egypt and we were a bit apprehensive.But...put away any fears, the Egyptian people are friendly, hospitable and LOVE Americans. This country thrives on tourism and they know it. STI was GREAT! Their representatives were always on time and got us to and from places efficiently. We stayed at great hotels and had fantastic food. We drank only bottles water (even for brushing your teeth) and stayed away from street food or salads and never got sick!!! We saw all the major sights, hot air balloon ride, felucca ride, camel ride...the works. All in all...it was the trip of a lifetime and STI made it easy!!!! Thanks STI and Heather Lawson :) one more happy customer! O S Engel Vicksburg, MS

Dear Philippe and Rania,

My wife and I just returned from our 10-day Egypt trip and are recovering from the looong flight. When family members inquired about the tour, we found it very difficult to describe our trip because photos and words just can not do justice to what we've seen and experienced in Egypt. We told them they have to be there.

We appreciated very much the individual attention that we've received throughout the trip. The guides are very knowledgeable and professional, and the drivers are very careful drivers. We felt very safe with Badr (our driver) in Cairo!

One constructive suggestion we shared with our guides is that while we appreciate the details of historical kings and mythology, we also want to know about the present and future of Egypt. We want to know about the fish, crops and plants along the Nile; we want to know what average Egyptians do for living and pleasure; their dreams and hopes. This will give a more complete picture of Egypt instead of mostly the rich and glorious past.

We had the opportunity to get to know our guide Walid El Nuby during the Nile cruise in a more personal level. He is a fine young man, and with some experience, he will be an excellent guide. Samah, our guide in Cairo, is just excellent!

Egypt is definitely different and unique in every way, and it will take a while to soak everything in, but we know this trip had expanded our horizon, and that is what traveling supposes to do.

Thank you again for all your assistance and patience in making this trip a memorable for us.

We miss the honking of cars in Cairo already.