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I wish I could remember the names of your staff that provided outstanding assistance during my two visits in December as I would write a letter of recommendation and ask that you put it in their employee files.  One event, I thought my son (age 40) had left the hotel and not returned..it had been five hours....your staff searched, finding him in the business office computer in the very early morning hours... emailing his children.

I am ashamed when I misplaced another item, that I asked the Manager to ask housekeeping to recheck my room.  I found it in my luggage upon return to the US.

In all my years of travel I have never experienced this level of courtesy and service, including the Peninsula chain.

This trip was a 40th birthday present for my son, and in three years I will be returning for my grandsons 16th birthday.

Please know that I will be contacting my travel agent, as well as STI / Sakkara  thanking them for arranging accommodations at such a fine facility. Know that I will  forever be a Four Seasons guest.

Thank you
Geri E. Fried
17 Jan 2010

Jane, my name is Geri Fried. Gino Piunno, cousin, arranged this lifelong dream.  Working with family is usually difficult; if everything is not perfect, the family will hear about it forever ... I am a discerning person to begin with.

This trip was incredible ! The STI representatives were so outstanding, I was in awe more than once. They processed us through customs in less than five minutes.  The guides, licensed Archaeologists and Egyptologists were superb.  I am aware one contracts through you and the other through Sonesta.  They made this trip exceed our expectations ... my son and I are both Egyptology enthusiasts.  Ahmed Daha has studied hieroglyphics six years and translated much.  Sayad Nasser provided thorough background information that our questions were answered in context ... how rare that is.  Once we did have other driver, a 20 year employee of Sakarra ... although good, he could not compare to Ali  Mahmoud.  Ali made us feel totally safe, yet amused at Cairo drivers ... something that must be experienced to understand.

Although I complain about Sonesta food and accommodations, their staff was the epitome of the "customer service" concept.  What can I say about the Four Seasons ... what a marvelous hotel.

I hope to take my grandson, third generation Egyptologist fanatic,  on this trip in three years for his 16th birthday.

Feel free to use my name as an enthusiastically satisfied client.


Geri (Geraldine) E. Fried  



Geri (Geraldine) E. Fried
06 Jan 2010

Dear Philippe,

Thank you very much.
Once again ... my trip to Egypt was really organized. Everything was executed in really professional way. Next time I will go to Egypt I will contact STI.


Rogerio Lima, Ph.D.
Associate Research Officer / Agent de recherches associe
National Research Council of Canada / Conseil national de recherches du Canada
75 de Mortagne Blvd.
Boucherville, QC J4B 6Y4

07 Nov 2009

My wife and I just returned from our trip to Cairo and the UAE.

I wanted to express our sincerest thanks to you and all the staff that helped plan our trip to Egypt. It was my wife\'s first visit and I really wanted it to be a good one.....IT WAS. (except for the heat...48c!)

For your information, a special note to tell you that your guide staff from airport meeting to departure both in Cairo and Luxor was superb. Ive traveled a lot and these guys went more than the extra mile....in fact we personally enjoyed each others company.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to our local travel club here in Sun City as well as on the various on-line travel forums.

29 Sep 2009

Hello Dawn.

I just wanted to give you some feedback on STI and Sakara tours in Egypt. Please feel free to pass this along. I cannot say enough good things about the Tour company. All reps were prompt, courteous and just plain nice and fun. You know I ask a lot of questions- I always want to know about other cultures and daily life. We got to know our Tour reps and really enjoyed them. Walid as well as Enje our guide and Badr our driver in Cairo were wonderful . We also enjoyed our guide on the Cruise Robert Rafeek who helped us from Luxor to Aswan. The Hotel and boat staff were very nice to us. We even got upgraded to the Presidential suite on the boat when the AC had a problem. All aspects of our trip were wonderful. This was our first time in such a foreign country and having our reps always waiting to guide us was a great relief. I would not hesitate to use STI or to recommend them. Feel free to have any questions sent to me- I would be happy to help anyone considering this trip. I will also be posting on Trip Advisor since I found very little to recommend this group and tour when I was doing research. Thank you for all the time and trouble you took for us, and for answering my many questions. We had a great trip!

Maureen Aylward
22 Sep 2009

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