A World Heritage site, Easter Island is not only a place of surreal natural beauty but also a guardian of the mysteries of the Rapanui people, who continue to fascinate the world with its silent but majestic stone Moais. This isolated volcanic island in its oceanic setting combines the beauty of the landscape and its archeological enigmas that fuse together in a captivating and mysterious communion.


Rooms are independent units, linked by exterior corridors of stone, sand, or grass, each has a private terrace. Internal distribution is simple, privileging view and opening to the outside. With the goal of making the room more private, they were surrounded by manavais of different heights diameters planted with vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees. The bathroom shower opens to the exterior to feel nearer to nature given the climate is very warm. Decoration is simple but careful; each is different to personalize the experience. All are spacious and comfortable opening to the view of the sea. The objective was to encourage visitors to live in more outdoors, enjoy the view and the landscape and thus feel Easter Island's unique energy.


  • safe
  • swimming pool
  • bar-restaurant
  • free WiFi (lobby, bar and lounge)
  • free parking service
  • laundry service
  • Air-Fan in room
  • TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Mini-Bar


The restaurant is open at night, along with the bar in which every day there is good music to relax after encountering the island. The food is a mixture of inspiration of Peruvian, Chilean and above all Rapanui roots. The result is a meal of high quality surprising variety and above all very original. The island offers splendid sea fishes, highlighting among them, tuna fish, the sierra, the Pisces, kana-kana and the lobster. It also includes typical fruits and vegetables, such as the manioca, the taro, purple sweet potatoes, guayaba and mangoes. Impossible to have bad food particularly if accompanied by a good wine and mango sour of the island!