Egypt has been the most favored destination for travelers worldwide. This is because of the charm exuberated by the country and its intriguing history. Also known as the "Gift of the Nile", the country has the longest history the world over. The civilization of Egypt dates back to the 5000 B.C. Situated in north east Africa, the country is a favorite destination of historians, nature lovers and fortune hunters alike.

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Some of the special features offered by the company include a round trip air journey from USA to Egypt, deluxe and five star hotel stay accommodation, Deluxe Nile cruises, inclusive meals, sightseeing in the country with a trained and certified Egyptologist, domestic travel within Egypt by either car or air and a host of other special features. You can choose anywhere between a three to twenty day travel trip depending upon your choice. You can also choose between a short Nile cruise and a stay at the prominent cities or even go for a mix of both.

Some of the special packages offered by the company include 10 day Egypt in Focus tour, 15 day Pharaonic Treasures, 14 Day East Mediterranean Trails, 12 Day Spectacular Journey, a 4 day and three nights Nile Cruise Aswan - Luxor, 4 day Nubian Sea Lake Nasser Cruise, 8 Day/7 Nights Sonesta Star Goddess ad many more.

Apart from this, you can also take up combo trips such as the 18 Day Egypt and Kenya Panorama. If you are in a mood to extend your holidays, you can also go for extensions in your trips to visit other places. You can also go for guided tours where local hosts and guides will escort you through your entire journey. You can also decide upon your own trip and the places you want to visit by clicking the "Custom Tour" link on the website and getting a tailor made Egypt tour or Nile cruise for yourself.