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Swan Hellenic

Swan Hellenic stood out from other commercial cruises by making a point never to repeat the same itineraries twice. We also visited unusual destinations, giving guests the chance to explore places most travellers had never even heard of. Over time, Swan Hellenic became known for combining bold, intriguing cruises, exclusive lecturers, and sophisticated onboard comfort. Now, over 70 years later, it is this compelling mix that continues to inspire our guests.

Looking for next level expedition cruising? SH Diana is just what you need! The newest addition to our fleet combines cutting-edge technology with stylish, sophisticated design, and the ship’s special ice-resistant PC6 hull means it’s able to visit some of the world's most inaccessible regions. This new generation polar class ship is our largest, and features elegant interiors – including exclusive onboard art – wide unobstructed views, a spectacular grand staircase, and dedicated expedition facilities, so you can explore the world in style and comfort.

Central Holidays

Contrasts of Mediterranean Culture

11 Days/ 10 Nights - Sailing Date: August 22, 2025
Explore diverse Mediterranean cultures from Sicily to Venice. Marvel at Sicily’s ancient ruins and charming Puglia towns. Cross the Adriatic to medieval Dubrovnik, glide through Montenegro’s breathtaking entrance and visit Kotor’s magical Old Town. Explore Croatian coastal gems from Roman Split to chic Hvar. Tour wineries, lavender farms and olive groves, concluding in Venice, where you’ll uncover the rich contrasts of Mediterranean culture.

Northwest Africa and its Islands

9 Days/ 8 Nights - Sailing Date: May 03, 2025
From Dakar’s lively markets to Funchal’s subtropical gardens, this voyage navigates the rugged and windswept Atlantic coasts of Northwest Africa and its islands. Absorb the rich cultural blend of colonial European and traditional African influences. Experience the desert in Dakhla and lush forests of Madeira as the trade winds propel you from port to port. This exotic yet accessible route promises adventures as boundless as the ocean horizon.
Central Holidays
Central Holidays

Old World Getaways to the Atlantic

10 Days/ 9 Nights - Sailing Date: May 12, 2025
Leaving from Lisbon, experience lesser-known ports and cities along the Portuguese, Spanish, and French Atlantic coasts, before exploring the rugged beauty of Brittany, and finally landing in the historic Naval town of Portsmouth. Immerse yourself in Europe’s rich maritime history as you discover old towns and medieval walled cities, steep streets, and exotic gardens. And savor local specialties, from port and cider to butter biscuits and crepes.

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