STI Travel is a member of Sakkara Group International (SGI), a substantial group of companies established in 1972 and operating mainly in the tourism field in Africa and the Middle east. Since its launch, STI Travel has directed its efforts to attend to the North American travelers desires and preferences. We thrive to provide our customers with tailor made programs while focusing on memorable voyages of discovery and relaxation where every destination, cruise, cultural circuit, safari and sea resort can be relished individually or in groups.
At STI Travel, no effort will be spared to guarantee the best service and quality to our clients, our team work around the clock to assemble the finest components in the 5 destinations we are offering. Being part of a substantial tourism organization, STI combines power of purchase and professionalism to satisfy different budgets, tastes and requirements. Our vision is to be recognized by the North American travelers as the Travel Specialist, not only for Egypt, but for all the destinations.