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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Americans Traveling to Cuba

11 June 2019

Recent travel restrictions set in place by the United States government have left Americans disappointed. Many Americans feel they have missed their opportunity to visit Cuba. Effective June 5th 2019, American cruise lines and most American tour companies were forced to immediately cease operations in Cuba effectively ending U.S. tourism in Cuba. 

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Tour Operators Scramble After U.S. Ends People to People Travel to Cuba

05 June 2019

On Tuesday, operators of tours to Cuba scrambled to find ways to adapt after the Trump administration handed down its latest rulings on travel to Cuba. The new ruling appeared to end the People to People category of legal travel to Cuba, as well as to put an end to the American cruise industry there, among other things.


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Travelers Can Still Visit Cuba, Here’s How

05 June 2019

While people-to-people exchanges, as defined by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), have officially come to an end, travel to Cuba is still a possibility.

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How to Travel to Cuba If You Are an American

14 May 2019

Travel to Cuba for American citizens has been a back-and-forth battle over the past few decades, and as of June 2019, tighter restrictions have been placed on travelers and tourists hoping to visit this Carribean island.


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