Cruise the canals of France on a Luxury French Hotel Barge Vacation. A French barge vacation offers a special glimpse of France, at 4 mph. Each day you will take a Tour in an air conditioned private French tour bus. Each day aboard your Luxury French Hotel Barge Vacation will provide you with a new sampling of the finest French wines and the best in gourmet French foods. Some barges even offer an open bar. It is all included in the price. Try a French Barge Vacation Cruise this year. Your French Hotel Barge Cruise Vacation will be the best French Barge Vacation you ever had.

Our recommendation is to arrive in France onThursday and allow your body to adjust to jet lag so that your cruise experience is without the drag of jet lag.

Post cruise hotels are a must as it would be very difficult to arrive back in Paris to catch a flight out on the last day of the cruise