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For more information, call: 800-539-7098 or visit:



Central Holidays


These last few years Central Holidays started a love affair with Latin America. We have been taken in

by so much natural beauty, so many genuine people and customs and so many unique experiences.

So for

2018 Central Holidays

decided to put more resources into our Latin America team & programs.

Together with our investment in a strong technology platform, we now also

offer you 16 new programs

south of the border! From the natural beauty of the Costa Rica jungles and volcanoes to luxury travel

in the footsteps of the Incas in Peru, from our Galapagos Islands boat expeditions to the cultural,

dance and music immersions of Argentina and Brazil, our Latin America based team provides you and

your travelers with a large variety of programs and prices.

The time and the opportunity to

visit Cuba

is right now! Even after the minor change in US travel policy

for Cuba of June 2017, Central Holidays continues to be a recognized, licensed operator for people

to people tours.

If your clientele is looking for

Mediterranean destinations

, remember that we still offer strong programs

and customized, independent travel to Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia or Egypt. This last

destination is making a comeback and

Central Holidays

is best positioned to help your customers

cross the land of pyramids and pharaohs off their bucket list! We also added a slew of new Israel

programs, both aimed at religious and non-religious travelers. Check all these online at




Group Travel Experiences

team now has its own website to promote their

special, customized and

themed group experiences.

Visit it and enter your group requests

www.grouptravelexperiences.com .

For your higher end, sophisticated and more last minute clientele, we offer our luxury tailor-made

travel experiences thru our brand


. Please visit us at



As we resolutely move forward with Central Holidays in the next years, we, the renewed management

team, look forward to servicing your needs and to helping you make your customers’ travel

experiences the best ever.

The Team at Central Holidays