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For more information, call: 800-539-7098 or visit:





The purchase/payment of any travel services offered by

Central Holidays constitutes a contractual arrangement

between the Passenger and/or Travel Agent (all together as

“you”) and SGI US LLC (dba CENTRAL HOLIDAYS & Affiliated

Brands) and represents your acceptance of SGI US LLC

Terms and conditions. Passenger is required to read and

acknowledge terms and conditions on our website before

making any reservation with us. Payment of deposit and/or

final payment will be considered as full acceptance of our

Terms and conditions herein reported and fully disclosed on

our website. Each passenger understands that CENTRAL

HOLIDAYS will be accepting that passenger’s reservation in

trust upon such participant's acceptance of the terms and

conditions as outlined in this brochure and on our website


Prices are per person based on double occupancy. Single

room supplements and triple room reductions are available

where applicable.


In case of a human or computer

billing error, we reserve the right to re-invoice for the correct

amount. A full refundwill bemade to passengers not wishing

to pay increases provided that the passengers' written

cancellation is received by us within 5 business days after

price increase notification. We do not breakdown costs of

individual services included in an itinerary.

Prices are based on official rate of exchange at the time of

printing. Once we have received your full payment for any

program, the price is guaranteed and any subsequent

increases are at our expense. Optional air transportation is

not included;however ifpurchasedthruCentralHolidays,fuel

surcharges, all security fees, airport taxes, and fees and/or

local taxes and fees will be included. Airfares provided at the

time of deposit are subject to change until full payment is

received and ticket is issued. Some Airfares may require


air thru Central Holidays.


You are responsible for verifying everything on your invoice is

accurate and complete, including, dates of travel, options

selected and that each name matches the relevant

passport. Central Holidays cannot accept responsibility if we

are not notified of inaccuracies within 5 days of sending out

the invoice. Changes are subject to the fees and penalties

noted below. In the case of billing errors Central Holidays

reserves the right to re-invoice you with correct pricing.



A $300 per person non-refundable deposit is required at the

time of booking. Cruise bookings require a $600 per person

deposit. In some cases additional deposits are required due

to supplier’s policies. Passengers will be advised at time of

booking of these payment requirements.


request will be

acted upon until a deposit is received. We honor most major

credit cards. No third party credit cards will be accepted. In

addition, we also accept personal checks or agency checks.

Deposits can be conveniently made by phone. Payment of

the deposit indicates you have read and accepted these

Terms & Conditions. Your booking is not confirmed until the

deposit has been processed by Central Holidays and you

receive a confirmation invoice.


Final payment with credit cards requires our signed Credit

Card authorization form validated by the credit card holder.

Other restrictions may apply. Final payment is due 75 days

prior to departure. Some Cruises and lodges will have earlier

final payment deadline which will be specified at time of

booking. Central Holidays reserves the right to cancel your

reservation if your final payment is not received 75 days prior

to departure.

•LATE BOOKINGS: (Reservations made within 35 days of

departure date):

Payments must be made within 24 hours of booking by

certified check, wire transfer or credit card, and are subject

to a $25 late-booking fee, plus any costs incurred to ensure

timely document delivery. Late bookings will incur a 100%

cancellation penalty.


Payments made after the due date are

subject to $50 late payment fees.


For Land-Related services on Escorted tours, customized FIT

packages, Hosted packages and Independent packages:

•Cancellations received more than 75 days prior to

departure: $300 per person fee.

•Cancellations between 74 and 45 days prior to departure:

$750 per person fee

•Cancellations between 44 and 31 days prior to departure:

50% of the land package

•Cancellations less than 30 days prior to departure: No

refunds – 100% cancellation fee

•No refunds will be made on any unused portion of the tour


•Should we cancel a departure for any reason whatsoever,

including insufficient number of participants, a full refund of

all monies paid will be made.

Additional Cancellation charges will apply for Cruises, as well

as during Special events and Holiday periods. Cancellation

fees will be specified at the time of booking.



Central Holidays offers the following airfares.



if you want to make changes to your vacation schedule prior

to ticketing. Once ticketed, cancel/change penalties of $300

per person and up to 100% of the air price will apply.


Published airfares may offer

additional airline options, but have more restrictions. Full air

payment plus a non-refundable service fee ($75 per person)

is required and will be included in the quote at the time of

booking for any published airfare booked in conjunction with

a Central Holidays vacation. Once booked, published airfare

is non-changeable and non-refundable after 24 hours from

purchase. Once ticketed, cancel/change penalties of $300

per person up to 100% of the air price will apply. No airfares,

taxes and fuel surcharges are confirmed until final payment

is received. Any variations will be the client’s responsibility

until final payment is received. Please contact Central

Holidays for details.

It is the passenger's responsibility to reconfirm all flights 72

hours before flight date/time. Should the airline request, for

any reason whatsoever, an unexpected issuance of air

tickets, they must be immediately paid in full, regardless of

any previous notification to passenger.


In all instances, regardless of the airfare used, "NO

SHOWS" are non-refundable including fuel surcharges

except any airport or government taxes & fees. Once the air

ticket has been issued, its cancellation penalty amount will


unless the departure is cancelled by us, in which case there

will be no cancellation fees for the LAND or LAND & CRUISE.


CENTRAL HOLIDAYS cannot be held responsible for the

cancellation fees of air ticket/s issued by companies other

than ourselves even in the case when we may cancel a

departure for any reason whatsoever, including a

cancellation of a pledged departure for lack of participation

or forcemajeure. Consult with our experienced reservations

staff, your travel agent or the airline for the applicable

penalties and/or restrictions. We strongly recommend

purchasing air thru Central Holidays.

Central Holidays will not be responsible for any additional

expenses you may incur because of flight cancellations,

flight delays, rescheduled and/or diverted flights, and

missed flights after airport check-in.


If you purchase your own


cannot be held responsible for the cancellation fees of air

ticket/s in case we may cancel a departure for any reason

whatsoever. If you wish to purchase your own flight tickets

with a third party, we suggest you purchase airline tickets

that allow you to make changes or cancellations of flights

subject to minimum penalties – none of such penalties are

the responsibility of Central Holidays.


US citizens require a valid US passport. Non- US citizens

should consult their travel agent or consulate. Passengers

are responsible for the validity of their passports as well as

checking the rules of the validity of their passports with the

countries they intend to visit.

All travelers must have a passport valid for six (6) months

after your return to the USA. CENTRAL HOLIDAYS is not

responsible for any delays, damages losses, missed portions

of tours or other missed services incurred by passengers

who fail to obtain the necessary travel documents. All

passengers are responsible for ensuring they have the

proper travel documents and MUST CHECK with the

respective consulates or visa agency to determine whether

any visas are required.

A Visa for Cuba is mandatory for everyone travelling to Cuba.


upon confirmation of your booking. It is your responsibility to

comply with all visa regulation processes and timelines.

There is a charge of $90 per person to issue your visa to

Cuba, the price of which is included in the cost of your trip

unless you are notified otherwise.


: If you were born in Cuba, youmust contact our

office immediately.

YourCubanVisa,Health InsuranceCertificateandyourLetter

of Authorization allowing you to visit Cuba as well as other

travel documents will be mailed to you two weeks prior to

your departure.


In the case of a government issued warning, we will provide

our utmost consideration to the severity of the warning and

accomplish everything possible to safeguard the well-being

of our passengers. We reserve the right to evaluate each

booking on a case-by-case basis for potential refund

/cancellation fees, re-scheduling of tours or itineraries and

postponements. Be aware that during your participation on

vacations operated by Central Holidays, certain risks and

dangers may arise beyond our control, including but not

limited to: the hazards of traveling in undeveloped areas;

travel by boat, train, automobile, aircraft, or other means of

transportation; forces of nature; political unrest; acts of

lawlessness or terrorism; and accident or illness in remote

regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical

facilities. Central Holidays assumes no liability regarding

provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care that

may be rendered. While Central Holidays will use its best

efforts to ensure that adequate measures are taken, by

agreeing to participate in a vacation and/or optional


regarding any provision of medical care or the adequacy of

any care rendered. Central Holidays is not responsible for

such risks and dangers that may arise beyond our control.

Paymentofyourdeposit indicatesyouaccepttheserisksand

dangers and agree to hold Central Holidays harmless for



CUBA: The Itinerary which has been planned for you

encompasses many visits, meetings with individuals and

Organizations as well as home visits. These visits have been

planned months in advance of your trip and it sometimes

becomes necessary to rearrange your Itinerary because of

a variety of unforeseen circumstances. Cuba, as a

destination, is unlike anything that you have experienced in

the past so the key word for you to bear in mind is

“Flexibility”. Be flexible and enjoy this once in a lifetime

experience. Your CubanGuide is very adept at ensuring that

any cancelled events will be replacedwith other activities of

the same caliber and interest.

Your program is filled with People-to-People interactions

where you will learn first-hand about everyday life in Cuba.


questions of your hosts and or speakers. By asking

questions you will be able to gain much knowledge about

the country and the people of Cuba. Your local Cuban Guide

will help with many of these People-to-People Cultural

exchanges;but it isaverygood ideaforyoutoaskquestions

in order to gain the most out of the person-to-person


As you are an authorized traveler to Cuba, you have certain

obligations to comply with as directed by OFAC (Office of

Foreign Assets Control) of the United States Treasury

Department --- One of which is to maintain a record of your

expenses and activities during your trip to Cuba and to keep

this record for five (5) years. Agreat way to keep trackwould



Scheduled service has been reinstated between

the USA&Cuba. There is a $25 fee per checked bag on your

flight from the USA to Cuba which will be collected from you

at your departure city. There is also a 25 CUC (Cuban

Tourism Currency – approximately $30) which will be

collected from you when you depart Cuba.


We strongly suggest all our

passengers purchase


to protect their investment.

For information on our Travel Protection Plan,

visit our website






Central Holidays is committed to Cuba. Following the White house announcement of June 16th, 2017 on travel to


the only travel category eliminated is the People to People travel for Individuals traveling alone. Individuals, however, are permitted to join one of Central Holidays People to People groups outlined

in this brochure.

Of the entities mentioned as possibly being prohibited in the future, none include the hotels or the visits in the Cuba programs of Central Holidays. All of our Cuba offers in

this brochure or online, therefore, still

fall completely into the legal and possible category of travel to Cuba.