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For more information, call: 800-539-7098 or visit:

Central Holidays is committed to Cuba. Following the White house announcement of June 16th, 2017

on travel to Cuba,

the only travel category eliminated is the People to People travel for Individuals

traveling alone. Individuals, however, are permitted to join one of Central Holidays People to People

groups outlined in this brochure.

Of the entities mentioned as possibly being prohibited in the future,

none include the hotels or the visits in the Cuba programs of Central Holidays. All of our Cuba offers

in this brochure or online, therefore, still

fall completely into the legal and possible category of travel

to Cuba.

Cuba is an incredibly beautiful, undiscovered country on our Southern door step. From culturally

enriching Havana-focused itineraries and our popular religious programs, to our cultural Afro-Cuban

itinerary and Cuba Cruises, to new special interest travel opportunities, we offer a simply unparalleled

array of programs that showcase Cuba authentically via its people, culture, customs, music, food,

and natural wonders.

Before travel policies change again and either release the hordes of US mass tourists or close the

access all together, the time and

the opportunity is now to visit Cuba!

If your clientele is looking for other

Latin-American destinations,

remember we also offer strong

programs and customized, independent travel to

Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands,

Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay or Brazil.

This last destination is making a strong comeback and

Central Holidays is positioned well to take your travelers to the land of samba, soccer and sunshine!

Central Holidays

also continues to offer some of the greatest tours and programs to Italy and the

Mediterranean. We have substantially added to our Italy, Egypt and Israel programs. Check these out

online at


For 2018 our strong

Group Travel Experiences

team at Central Holidays now also has its own web site

to promote their special, customized and themed groups and experiences. Visit them and enter your

group requests at

Specifically for your higher end, more sophisticated and last minute clientele, our sister brand,


, offers multiple tailor-made travel experiences ranging from access to exclusive villas to

chauffeurs, guides and cooks. Please visit us at


As we resolutely move forward with Central Holidays in the next years, the renewed management

team at Central Holidays looks forward to helping you make your customers’ travel experiences the

best ever.

The Team at Central Holidays


Central Holidays