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Dear Jane,

We would like to pass on some comments regarding a recent booking you made for our clients to Petra. They came back to report that everything went extremely well and that they were very pleased with their whole experience.

Jack Yaghoubzadi
Jack Yaghoubzadi
25 Jan 2013
Mr. Walid Wahib Fahmy, Tour Guide for STI Fam Trip 3-12 December 2012 Egypt

We recently returned from our fantastic cultural experience and familiarization trip to Egypt and Jordan December 3 - 12, 2013 with STI Tours and their Cairo office - Sakkara Tours.

What a fabulous experience and certainly a trip of a life time. All of your personnel are what made the trip so exceptional. This email is specific to your employee, Walid Wahib Fahmy, who was our first contact, and they say first impressions are very important. You picked the right person to be our first impression. Walid with his special airport security clearances met us shortly after we stepped off of our Egypt Air flight from New York. It certainly was nice to have his smiling face, and friendly personality waiting for us after such a long flight.
v Our first impression of Cairo and the Egyptian people was favorable due to his meeting us and taking charge right away. We were a four member group and one member had not pre-arranged for her visa. This could have been a timely delay, but Walid escorted our tour mate to the appropriate office and secured the visa in minutes. He then showed us the way to get through passport control, then onto the baggage claim area and out of the airport with astonishing ease and speed. Our small group was already talking about our unexpected and very pleasant airport experience by the time we boarded our transportation vehicle to our hotel. Walid got us checked in and shown around the hotel in short order. Early the next morning......there he was......his smiling face and greeting us and introducing us to our wonderful guide Ahmad Dahab, who took us all around Cairo on 4 December.

The next morning (5 December), we had an early departure from the hotel, as our flight left at 7am for Aswan. Walid was there, again getting us on our way, getting us checked in very quickly at Cairo Airport for our early flight. His reliability, friendliness, and efficient manner, allowed us to just relax and enjoy the trip.
v We had two more times where we would see him again. On the night of 11 December, we flew into Cairo from Amman, Jordan. Zipped through the airport and next thing we were at the Holiday Inn Heliopolis all checked in, with Walid taking care of all.

Too soon came the next morning, when we had to leave for our return flight to New York. We had a nice breakfast and no worries because we knew Walid was there and he was taking care of everything. Walid escorted us to the airport, provided us with an easy airport check in and all the while continuing to be informative and helpful. All of us appreciated his outstanding efforts, leaving us with fond memories of Egypt. We highly recommend Walid Wahib Fahmy as a guide and information source for anyone traveling to Egypt. Thank you for introducing us to him.

All of the services provided by Walid were what we would say..."He exceeded all expectations".

When I have re-told our trip adventures to people, I always tell them about Walid and the service he provided on behalf of Sakkara Tours / STI. I stress that we are seasoned travelers and when in Egypt, you want to travel with a very good company that has been in business for many years and can provide these services. What Walid did for us was priceless. We all stayed happy and stress free and this added to our overall trip enjoyment.

Thank you for providing this wonderful familiarization experience and I will send more emails about Ahmad Dahab our guide in Cairo and Ash our guide who met us in Aswan and stayed with us till we left Luxor. They too, are fantastic assets to your company.

Warm regards,
Jerrilyn "Jerri" Greenen, Owner
Harold Montgomery
Island World Travel
15 Jan 2013
Hello Jane,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful Egypt FAM that I was so fortunate to be a part of. Everything was well organized and gave us the benefit of seeing a lot of Egypt that we may not have otherwise been able to experience. The hotels were excellent as was the food. We were advised not to drink tap water but the water used in food preparation was safe and "mummy's revenge" was not an issue. Our ground transportation was first class with excellent drivers. However, the best without a doubt, was our guide, Ayman. He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to communicate that knowledge to us. I cannot praise him enough and I hope that STI realizes what an asset he is to your organization. Egypt has many treasures and one of them is named Ayman. I had never worked with STI in the past but, rest assured, you will be at the top of my list for clients that want to travel to areas that you service. I am so glad I was able to join this FAM and will promote STI whenever I can.
Thanks again

Phyllis Marquis
See and Sea Travel
Phyllis Marquis
14 Dec 2012
Hi Jane how are you sorry it took so long to get back to you. Egypt was awesome i am trying to get bev to write a review but we have been very busy since we got home. Every thing went perfect from our exchange in booking with you and Maria to being meet by your rep. Raymond (our shadow in Cairo) at the airport. He was there every time to meet us booked us to our rooms for our air transfers even got us to our very late departure from Cairo Maha was great as our Cairo guide no pressure very relaxed took us to all the places we wanted to see and Nagi our driver was the best driver ever to drive in that place you have to be we called him NASCAR NAGI !!! Robert was our guide on the Nile cruise he was great very informative on the excursions and as there was only 10 of on the whole ship we all had lots of time to get to know one another we even made him eat with us lol. I am going to get Bev to write a much more detailed review later there was so much to see we plan on going back again one day but first its England to see her sister and then a cruise from Basel to Amsterdam.
Thanks again for all yours and Maria's hard work

 Howard & Beverley Foley.
Howard & Beverley Foley
02 Dec 2012

Subject: re: Ward Group Aug 2-10

Hi Christine,

Just wanted to let you know I spoke briefly with Mr. Ward and the group was very pleased with STI services in Egypt.  They all had

a great time, loved the people, and "everyone loved George."  

Thanks again for all your attention and will be in touch,



Karen Didion
11 Aug 2010

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