Yandup is a family owned lodge with seafront and overwater cabins in a small private island near the Playon Chico community in Kuna Yala. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and a small beach with white sand and crystal clear water. The lodge offers tours to the rainforest, river, mangroves, waterfall, Ukupseni (Playon Chico) community, cemetery and to other uninhabited islands with palm trees and white sand beach. Tours and meals are included in the package.


Our cabins have

  • Orthopedic mattresses Wooden floors
  • Ceiling fans Mosquito nets
  • Solar powered electricity
  • Terrace with hammocks
  • Private bathroom


Enjoy a pleasant promenade by the mangroves, on the islands or the coasts, known by the Kunas as home of the sardines. You can distinguish the red, black and white mangrove. The eco-system of the mangroves serves as a spawning area for many aquatic animals, as the larvae and other small species are reproduced here and protected by the roots.


Enjoy our fresh food

  • Lunch and dinner based on seafood and fish
  • Breakfast includes coffee or tea and natural juices
  • Bottled water with lunch and dinner
  • Special menus requested in advance
  • Lobster is not included