The restorations done through the years did not damage the original style and, often, they have emphasized the antique eighteenth century frescos. All of which have brought the Bellevue Syrene to be included in Italy s historic places. The balconies or the terraces of the rooms offer a breathtaking view on the Gulf of Naples. Walking through the historic center of Sorrento, on the seaside, it joins Piazza Vittoria, where the Hotel Bellevue Syrene is. The current Hotel Bellevue Syrene, which rises on the foundations of a Roman Villa of the 2nd century BC, was born in 1750 as a private villa. In 1820 the residence was transformed into a small hotel The current Hotel Bellevue Syrene, which rises on the foundations of a Roman Villa of the 2nd century BC, was born in 1750 as a private villa.In 1820 the residence was transformed into a small hotel.


Address: P.zza della Vittoria 5, 80067 - Sorrento Italy

Sorrento rises on the southern extremity of the Gulf of Naples and gives its name to the splendid coast that has made visitors from all over the world fall in love. A place of culture, art, food and wine excellences, charming colours and fragrances, a land to live and discover. From Sorrento are easily reachable all the major interest historical and archaeological locations of the Napoli province.


The Superior rooms are spacious and comfortable, about 35 square meters each, all with sea-view balconies from which you can also enjoy the sight of Capri and the Vesuvius. In addition to the many comforts of the room, the recent restoration of the Superior rooms, with particular care to details and design, contributes to an exceedingly pleasant stay.

DELUXE ROOMS 45 square meters wide and strikingly bright, the DeLuxe rooms are all yours to discover. Furnished in an original, yet different, way, embodying in every possible way the idea of elegance of Bellevue Syrene, in which elements of contemporary design and period pieces live together in perfect balance and exalt each other, creating a unique and innovating style, like the charming seaview of the Gulf of Naples which can be seen from the balcony of every room.


Bellevue Syrene offers its guests the possibility to benefit from exclusive services which will make their stay in our hotel in Sorrento a unique experience''

During the day, before lunch and dinner, our Guests can enjoy some sweet or salty snacks, along with wine, fruit juice and soft drinks. The exclusive Club Lounge service is included in the stay at the hotel. There are many common areas in which guests can spend their free time in comfortable and refined environments, with the possibility to use free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel.

Also included in the vacation is access to the private beach, where parasols and tanning beds are available to whoever wants to try sunbathing or swim in the charming waters of Sorrento. It is possible to hire through the hotel cars and boats to move independently along the coasts and admire the splendid Gulf from a different point of view.

Lastly, Bellevue Syrene reminds its Guests that they can ask for support and assistance in any moment, to solve any problem thanks to our staff at the front desk.


Gourmet and Restaurant
''Our idea of welcoming our guests, which fulfils itself in our desire to treat them and make them feel at home, also includes the kitchen''

For this reason Bellevue Syrene makes good use of the experience and cooperation of professional and versatile chefs, capable of following the latest cuisine fashions without disregarding tradition. The same elements that distinguish the landscape of the Terra delle Sirene such as citrus fruits, grapevines, olive and walnut trees, are the fundamental ingredients of the dishes that make the Mediterranean diet famous in the entire world. These fine ingredients, excellence land products, transformed and glorified in the skilful hands of our chefs will give birth to new flavour-satisfying experiences.