Relaxation and intimacy in the only resort & Spa in San Gimignano

I’ve seen couples silently observing the infinite space; motionless for minutes, contemplating the landscape of the Chianti hills and relishing the quiet intimacy that few places are able to offer.
The intimate spaces deep within the large garden, with wrought iron tables and chairs, are the obvious answer to your desire to enjoy the panorama of San Gimignano undisturbed.
Even the summer pool, surrounded by hedges and scented plants, draws the eye towards the mediaeval hamlet’s prominent towers, whose allure derives from a mix of history and legend. Every now and then an interval away from the resort to take in the art and history of the area will bring you back to reality. Then, once again return to immerse yourself in the countryside, the simple flavours of Tuscan cuisine or perhaps a book.



A night spent in these places brings to mind the beautiful film, ‘A Room with a View’, based on the book by E. M. Forster. In the film, it’s the captivating view of Florence’s Arno River that greets you, whereas here, it’s the quiet and intimate atmosphere of the mediaeval towers of nearby San Gimignano. This is the experience that makes your slumber unique.

30 sq.m.
Free Wi-Fi
Patio or terrace
Hydro bathtub
1 double bed

26 sq.m.
Free Wi-Fi
Patio or terrace
Hydro bathtub
1 double bed or 2 double beds (Superior Twin)

18-22 sq.m.
Free Wi-Fi
Patio or Terrace
Shower or bathtub
1 double bed or 2 single beds

18-26 sq.m.
Free Wi-Fi
Patio or terrace
Shower or hydro
1 double bed or 2 single beds (classic and superior)


Release all tension in the body and enjoy the pleasant feeling of warm water against your skin, and jets of water massaging your body in the indoor hydro massage pool heated to 34°. The indoor pool is also connected to the outdoor bathtub in the garden. Lying on stone benches and immersed in the warmth of the water, the only thing you’ll see is the rising steam and the greenery of the large garden with its millenary olive trees.

Our wellness packages are your key to rediscovering deep relaxation and battling physical and mental fatigue. The pleasant olfactory sensations within the Tuscan aromarium, the light touch of the mist and summer storms against the skin, and the revitalising effects of the ice fountain, are only some of the specialities that will help you relax during your time at the spa. You can also combine your treatments with dègustations and romantic dinners.

Place yourself into the hands of our wellness specialists. They will take care of you and your body. For improved skin elasticity, you can choose the treatment rich in Arctic raspberries, soy isoflavones, ginseng and ginkgo biloba, or a deeply hydrating concentrate with a base of mallow, yarrow, grape seed oil and aloe extract.

We are in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany, set amongst the Val D’Elsa hills and the silent countryside. Here begins the magic. The colours, the smells, the pleasure and enchantment that certain views evoke, the intimate stillness; all have something fairy tale-like about them.


A marriage of tradition and modernity gives rise to unique flavours, in a perfectly harmonious play of authentic flavours, characteristic places and love for this land.

“La mattina toscana” corner: an original way to start the day
We tease your palate and curiosity every morning with a corner dedicated to Tuscan specialities. A riot of flavours and aromas ranging from bruschetta made with Tuscan bread and extra virgin olive oil – produced by us – to mature pecorino cheese from Pienza and Crete Senesi, “finocchiona” salami from Cinta Senese and homemade cakes.