The Aressana Spa Hotel and Suites in the town of Fira, Santorini provides guests with fairytale-like vacations from the moment they step through the 5 star design hotel's entrance. Emulating the serenity of Cyclades life coupled with the exciting buzz of Fira, Santorini, guests are welcomed like old friends with heartfelt sincerity.

One of the most genuine Santorinian hotels in Fira where the senses are gently provoked reflecting the inextricable beauty of Fira and Santorini, a strong emphasis is placed on enveloping all who enter in absolute luxury and beauty.


Luxury Rooms & Suites in Santorini
The Aressana's luxury suites in Santorini feature amongst the most luxurious accommodation in Fira, Santorini's capital. Rooms and suites which are both beautiful and ethereal provide guests with accommodation in Fira which both reflect the vibrancy of Santorini's capital, with contemplative serenity.

The luxury suites in Santorini that make up this romantic accommodation in Fira which feature luxuriously appointed Suites Jacuzzi upper floor, suites and rooms have been designed with the maximum comfort of guests for their stay in Fira, Santorini.

Classic Double
Perfect for contemplating the wonder that is Santorini, the Classic Double Rooms (approx. 17m2) are romantic in countenance and make ideal refuges for holidays made for mystifying enjoyment.

Junior Suite - Garden Level
These approx. 30 m2 suites are situated on the Lower Level, one flight of steps down from the Lobby.

Deluxe Suite with Private Jacuzzi
Due to their location within the hotel - on the highest Upper Level, one flight of steps up from the Lobby - and special features, these Deluxe Suites (approx. 30m2) are considered one of the best rooms that our hotel offer and perfect for the couple or friends with a special occasion to celebrate.

Honeymoon Suite
Due to their location within the hotel - on the highest Upper Level, one flight of steps up from the Lobby - and special features, these Honeymoon Suites (approx. 30m2) are the best rooms that our hotel offers.


Luxury hotel personalized services
The Aressana's luxury Spa Hotel & Suites services envelop guests in a world of enchanting refinement. Offering guests Greek heartfelt hospitality teamed with bespoke professionalism, each guest's wish is easily transformed into a reality. Hotel facilities, ranging from the gym, spa, and swimming pool to the internet/Wifi provide guests with elements of luxury combined with everyday practicality.

Swimming Pool: The ideal place to relax
One of the center pieces of the Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites in Santorini, the perfectly proportioned fresh-water swimming pool, is located on the hotel's lower level. Running water cascades into the luminous waters constantly refreshing its calm countenance. Bordered by mosaic and stone tiles evocative of volcanic lava, it is in perfect keeping with the geological essence of Santorini Island and all that it signifies. Installations for hydro massage and chromatotherapy provide a further sense of calm and wellbeing.

Enjoy the scenery of Thira
A perfect place to mull over the serenity of the surrounding town and take in its sense evoking sights and sounds, the Lounge Terrace's love beds, rattan settees and armchairs provide the perfect setting for morning coffee and pre-dinner cocktails.


Awakening to the sight of flowers, fresh fruits and the heady aroma of freshly ground spices and coffee signifies breakfast at the Aressana.

The breakfast at Aressana hotel is a onetime experience for the senses, offering unique fresh homemade tastes, for guests wishing to discover the original and fresh delicacies of local Santorinian cuisine.

The Breakfast Buffet provides the perfect nourishing start to the day. Heady aromas, organic locally sourced ingredients provide a sense of well being either in the Breakfast Room with its cool turquoise and white tones or outside on the extensive pool deck.