We wanted this retreat to be a unique haven where dreams may unfold and entrusted R. Delène Bartholdi to realize this vision. We know his work well, his passion for the history of exchanges between East & West, his work for the Marrakech Sultana and Oualidia hotels, his perfect knowledge of art: we had found the architect that would realise our dream home.

We wanted him to offer a stage where stories and histories intertwined with the same energy as his painting, dressed in light, volume and colour, a fresco if you will, a poetic tableau of the adventure which was the 20th century, in which everyone could find their hero. A different invitation to travel, a unique retreat


Now here, but nowhere. You are now here but could be anywhere In the heart of this haven of greenery, set in a luxuriant/luxurious garden, each room, suite or lodge is a careful tableau of authors who, with their words, first evoked the dreams of desert sands and Africa beyond. Saint-Exupery, Théodore Monod, Matisse, Karen Blixen, Lawrence of Arabia: The period furniture and careful selection of objects related to their lives and histories, infuse (!) each room with their spirit. Time is suspended, as if we were the privileged guests of the author who had offered us, in their absence, an intimateq glimpse of themselves.


The restaurant, overlooking the swimming pool and gardens, offers forgotten dishes from a traditional cuisine rich in choice and flavours.