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Nestled along the Atlantic Coast, Portugal beckons with its sea-faring past, quaint old towns, popular coastal villages, and amazing affordability – making it an outstanding tourism destination and an equally great value for travelers. Portugal is known for its exquisite churches carved in "lace", romantic ballads, endless olive groves, and flowering almond trees. Remnants of former civilizations are abundant from foreigners who conquered and were conquered here including Romans, Moors and Jews. Together, their influences inter-mix with attributes of countries that were linked to the rest of the world by Portuguese discoveries across the globe. Lisbon, the country’s capital since its conquest from the Moors in 1147, is a legendary city with more than 20 centuries of history that beckons you on one of our vacation packages to Portugal. Voyages of discovery turned Lisbon into one of the world’s great ports and the base of an empire that stretched from Brazil in the West to India in the East. This monumental city features typical tile-covered building facades and narrow streets, where one can hear the “fado” being played and sung at night. On our authentic and enriching Portugal vacation packages, explore the restored palaces, majestic churches and the imposing hilltop castle, reflective of the city's rich origins. Beyond her old-world traditions, Lisbon offers the modern appeal of a cosmopolitan city boasting excellent shopping and dining opportunities for all. Travel to Portugal along the Southern Coast where the Algarve region offers mild temperatures, sun-soaked days, unparalleled beaches laden with superb resorts, cruising options to explore lesser known villages, spas and nightlife offerings to suit just about any penchant or budget. Our inspired vacation packages to Portugal will also tempt your taste buds at the local restaurants and cafés, brimming with the finest and freshest seafood and shellfish, as well as other tantalizing Portuguese dishes, wines and desserts. Traveling north on your Portugal travel package, you can see Roman ruins in Èvora, visit the medieval village of Obidos, discover the historic 13th century town of Coimbra, sail along the Duoro into Spain on an enchanting river cruise, and take in many fascinating stops along the way. Continuing northward explore Porto, the world’s port wine capital, with her winding streets and old town that has been listed as a World Heritage Site. From the country’s diverse landscapes, beaches, old world towns and vibrant cities to its delectable gastronomy, gracious people, and time-honored history, Portugal will indulge all of your senses and envelop you in her familial warmth.

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Lisbon - Fatima - Porto - Urgeirica -

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Lisbon - Evora - Lagos -

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Lisbon - Evora - Coimbra - Porto -

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Lisbon - Fatima - Porto - Evora -

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