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Make the most of your Italy vacation with Central Holidays! Italy is a travel destination that seduces from the start. Encompassing attributes from opera to Armani, Italy's legacy of art, food and culture satiate the senses at every turn. While soaking in the Italian culture, travelers here can stroll among Roman ruins, absorb the masterful art and architecture, explore medieval hill towns, ski in the Alps, or cruise along its breath-taking waterways and coastal splendors. Italy is a living, breathing art class, history lesson and cookbook all rolled into one. Lose yourself in every moment in Italy’s capital, Rome…step back in time to the Ancient Roman Empire and the beginnings of western civilization as you explore the Roman Forum and Colosseum as well as the city’s many fountains and piazzas…awaken your spiritual side with a visit to The Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City…sit for a spell and sip on an espresso or sparkling Prosecco wine at a local café or bar…And always make sure you toss three coins in the Trevi Fountain to ensure your return to “The Eternal City” – Rome. Our enchanting Italy travel packages offer something for everyone to enjoy. Close your eyes and imagine yourself taking in the enchanting ambiance on a gondola along Venice’s Grand Canal, or remaining motionless in awe at the magnificent view of Italy’s Florence from the top of the Renaissance masterpiece that is Brunelleschi's Duomo. Perhaps you prefer traveling to Milan, the fashion capital of the world, or living the magical postcard perfect views of the world-famous Amalfi Coast. The possibilities for travel throughout this amazing county with Central Holidays’ Italy vacation packages are virtually unlimited…choose any type of travel – choose your preferred Italian destinations – Central Holidays Italy tour packages deliver your dream experiences each and every time.

Affordable luxury Italy travel packages brimming with authentic experiences are here for you


from $ 679 - 9 Days

Venice - Florence - Rome -

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Rome, Florence & Cinque Terre

from $ 1,257 - 10 Days

Rome - Florence - Cinque Terre -

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from $ 1,406 - 12 Days

Florence - Lake Como - Rome - Venice -

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Italy at a glance

Travel Tips


Italy Capital


Italy Population

60.782 Million

Italy Area

116,350 sq mi

Italy Currency


Italy Language


Italy Time Zone
Time Zone


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Lake Lugano, Switzerland

Italy Travel Tips & Information

Official Name: Italian Republic

Capital: Rome

Population: 60.59 million

Languages: Italian is the official language. A large number of local dialects are also spoken.

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