Italy is one of God’s rare creations with nature’s wealth in abundance. One of them is the Lake Como, its Italian name being “Lago di Como,” which is situated in the northern Italy with Milan as its neighbour. The lake is as long as 50 km and branches in two parts with the view of a ravishing city of BELLAGIO situated in between them.

The Lake Como Vacation package

takes us on a ride over the lake which is at a 40 minutes distance from Milan and to the adjoining cities. There is also a direct bus service from Bergamo Airport. Once we reach our destination, there are conveniences such as buses or steamers which take on sightseeing of the towns by Lake Como. A boat ride is available quite frequently which takes us to the luxurious villas where as a seldom available service takes the tourists on the entire length of the lake. The lake Como is an important part of Italy Travel Package as it endures the beauty of the ancient towns which can’t be viewed otherwise.

Lake Como vacation Packages include the steamer rides over the lakes to the various villas such as Lenno ,Tremezzo ,Villa Carlotta ,Cadenabbia, etc. the steamers also takes to these certain towns along the shores of the lake which include:


It is a very beautiful city in between the two branches of the Lake Como. It is famous with its historic beauties and a waterfall in the centremost, and two gardens open to the public in the name of Villa Sarbelloni and Villa Melzi.


It’s a beautiful and lively town situated on the southernmost corner of the eastern side of lake Como. The striking beauty of this place is the cathedral, “Duomo” which stands there for centuries. One can admire the blend of Gothic and Renaissance features which includes some tapestries and paintings. Some other cathedrals are San Fedele with as old as nine hundred years gateway, Porta Vittora and the roman type church, Sant’Abbondio. The town also has a picture gallery in the name of Pinacoteca. Some cultural activities also attract our attention such as the Como Football Match that is played by the side of the lake.

Menaggia and Varenna

are two smaller towns by the lake but the views remains as much beautiful. Another town LECCO beside the lake is more industry based compared to the others but it has other facilities such as public transport and serious mountaineering.

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