France is a really great place to see any time of the year, a France tour and travel package during the holidays just offers some extra bonuses. Holiday Central offers more than affordable prices for France tours in holidays and it’s a great experience for anybody.

One of the best places to see in my opinion from personal experience is Nice; right along the Mediterranean and the capital of the French Riviera this is an excellent beach destination for any ocean lover.

One of the first places that you will want to see when experiencing the France holiday tours and packages deal took us to Nantes where we saw the beautiful Chateau des Duces de Bretagne, a beautiful and impressive castle for sure! France just has so much to offer and the France holiday tour packages provided by Central holidays will take you so many different places.

One of my favorite places was Lille; it just had so much history to tell. It’s right by French Flanders and Borders on Belgium so it’s a great place to see history and war memorial right before your very own eyes. If you like you can even hop over to Belgium for a day or 2 before continuing your travels through France.

Choosing one of many France holiday tours packages will allow you to travel all over France and experience the finest in both culture and cuisine. The language is magnificent and the food is even better; croissants and baguette with some fine cheese and wine makes for a great meal or even a snack at any time.

After we were done with those places the France tours and travels deals from Central Holidays lead us right to Grenoble. Grenoble was great because it was full of museums, and better yet it’s right at the foot of the French Alps, so If you like mountains then Grenoble is the place to be. I’ve been in the winter and the summer, one season is great for hiking in the mountains and the other is great for skiing; you just can’t go wrong.

This trip was really amazing, we spent a few days in each city and spent a day or two in the countryside viewing all of the other things that the French countryside had to offer. It was a great trip for me and my family, it was affordable, and it was all thanks to Holiday Central; France tours and travels in the holidays are the best!