Egypt is a very beautiful place which has a lot of wonders hat are still an amusement for the modern man. We all know that this place has a rich cultural history which is alive even today. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit and offers a lot to the people coming there. There are different places to see, while some of them hold historic and cultural meaning, there are some which help to preserve various species as well as marine life. An Egypt vacation tour package will be one of the best decisions you will make if you choose to visit this beautiful place. So what can you expect to see?

The river Nile - One of the kinds of travel package to Egypt you would find is the deals which include a trip to the river Nile. We all know that this is the river which holds a lot of importance; The Nile has a lot of stories and a very historic and hidden past. It has been there for a very long time.

The mysterious Pyramids - Any Egypt package vacation is incomplete without a visit to these beauties. The historic evidences of why these pyramids are there. These pyramids are also the resting places of various pharaohs. They are located in various places of Egypt.

Giza Zoo- another place which is a must see place is the Giza zoo, this zoological garden is located in Egypt's Giza city and is one of the largest parks. It is also the home for many species which include the endangered ones also.

The valley of the kings- Another great place to see which would be included in your Egypt vacation tour package is the Valley of the Kings. This is also another place where the ancient pharos was laid to rest. This is divided into two main parts, The West and East valley. This is another must see place when you visit the Egypt.

The valley of the queens - Just like the name suggestions, this is the place where the wives of the Pharaohs used to be buried. The real name of this place is Ta-Set-Neferu which meant the spot of beauty.

The Sphinx - One of the oldest and beautiful monuments of Egypt, no travel package to Egypt is complete without a trip here. This mythical creature is considered to be a legendary creature which holds strong cultural roots in the Greek, Egyptian and Persian mythology.

Cairo opera house- For opera lovers, the Cairo opera house is the place to go. Established in the year 1988, this place has a lot of educational programs and is one of the places in Egypt which promotes dance and music which includes the traditional Arabian music also.

The Alexandria Aquarium - In some Egypt package vacation you will also have the benefit of visiting this beautiful place. Built in the year 1930, this is a small aquarium which displays a variety of turtles and fist that belong to both the fresh water as well as marine.