You will be drawn to Jordan's famous attraction whether you like antique rich history or the busy cities. You can consider Jordan as one of the oldest inhabited cities; Amman is the capital of Jordan which offers many museums with many well-known aircrafts such as Dead Sea Scrolls.

Holidays in Jordan cannot be completed without visiting the recognized City of Petra (also known as Al-Beidha) where you will find some astonishing and spectacular natural cave formations and rocks. City of Petra is classified as one of the Seven Wonders of World. Most of the tourists chose their holiday destination Jordan just to witness the breathtaking views of the city which will expose its true elegance. Petra is listed as UNESCO world heritage site since 1985. This site today has plenty of things to offer such as tombs and buildings to explore which are surrounded by cliff.

You have no idea about that Jordan is all about ancient buildings, if you have not visited Jordan yet. There is many other tourists' attraction that will make you determine abouttravel vacation to Jordan. You can choose the diving into the Aqabe Red Sea and a vast dessert view in a four-wheel vehicle. You should not miss the Dead Sea. Dead Sea has drawn visitors for thousands of years. The Dead Sea is famous for having healing properties. The salt level in this sea is ten times higher than the regular sea water. Dead Sea is known as the lowest point in our planet.

Wadi Rum is highly recommended while your visit to Jordan. This is also known as the Valley of the Moon. It is a wonderful valley that offers fascinating sceneries and its natural beauty. It is also popular as the place of Hollywood filming. It is very famous for hiking and climbing. Thousands of travelers are heading there every year to explore its challenging terrain. You can hike or choose camel rides to explore this place. Jordan is perfect place for food lovers as well. Ruins in Jerash are the place where you can find some delicious food in all of the Jordan. You can also visit beautiful castle on the Mount Auf and famous historic Karak Archaeological Museum.

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