The alluring forces of the mystical lands of Egypt are enough to get you on your toes and pack up for a wild vacation. Egypt is packed with a rich culture and because it is an ancient city you can take on various adventures and explore the wondrous land. STI Travel is offering you the best deals on Egypt travel tour packages that will ensure not only you the best guides but will also manage your transportation. This pre historic place has a lot to offer and you can start your travel expedition in the morning and continue till the night ends. The Egypt travel tour packages help you visit the World famous Nile River and the Greta Pyramid of Giza. Letting you embrace the traditional ways of living sustained by the Egyptian people.

People who love shopping from exotic place will love to take a stroll in the bazaars of Aswan and Luxor. Take out time for visiting the magnificent pyramids that will remind you of Egyptian Gods. They have some very interesting museums full of ancient artifacts that will take you in awe. STI Travel will arrange the required facilities you need when you arrive there instantly so you don't have to worry about delayed flights or bookings. They will arrange some of the best guidance for your tour.Egypt travel tour packages will inform you about the most famous places to visit to help save your time.

If you want to sail along the Nile River try the felucca to reach Elephantine and later that route can be taken to the Nubian village. The temple of Abu Simbel should definitely be on your list as it is one of the most fascinating places, it will take time to for you to reach there but all of this hassle will be properly dealt by the STI Travel in the Egypt travel tour package you have selected. The Philae temple, KomOmbo temple and Edfu temple are other options that will let you in on a spiritual experience. You will be astonished to hear that you can also travel by the means of a donkey. Make sure your kids experience this because they will love it.

Walk down the narrow corridors and huge tombs of the Pharaohs that once ruled the Egypt. The Valley of Kings will make you feel glorious letting you in on the lives of the emperors.Egypt is actually a place associated with deserts and what more fun would it be if you could re visit the old time by travelling on a camel. Egypt travel tours will also offer you the exclusive opportunities of snorkeling in the red sea among the bright colored fishes that dominate the waters. Global expense has devised it Egypt travel tour packages keeping in mind not only the needs of the tourist but also their budgets that will be kept to a minimum. You will not regret on the money you will spend for the next few days because these moments will be cherished by you and your family forever.