Cairo, "Al Qahira", the "Victorious", is the capital of Egypt. It offers many beautiful sights Cairo is the administrative capital of the country and a vibrant modern metropolis, offering a world of contrasts in an amazing cocktail of sights, scents and experiences. of Ancient temples, tombs, Christian churches, Muslim monuments and numerous museums where antiquities and artifacts from the different civilizations are on display Cairo is a city in constant motion, night & day, with its streets traffic hubbub, throngs of pedestrians, children playing and merchants selling their goods. Cairo is the melting pot of great cultures and is counted as one of the largest African cities. It is situated on the banks of the river Nile to the south of its delta.

Old Cairo (Al Fostat) was the first capital of Egypt under Arab rule. It was built by the Arab general Amr Ibn Alas immediately after the Arab conquest of Egypt in 641 CE, and featured the Mosque of Amr, the first mosque ever built in Egypt. This mosque was also the first mosque built in Africa, since the Islamic expansion onto the continent commenced with Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians were conscious almost from the start that this region, on the borders of Upper and Lower Egypt and originally two independent kingdoms, was the most strategic site in all of Egypt. Of course, ancient Memphis, which was just south of modern Cairo, existed from at least the beginning of the unification of the two kingdoms, and was considered the "balance of the Two Lands". Though various rulers at different times moved the capital of Egypt to different locations in Egypt, it always seems to have returned to this strategic location.

Cairo is the City of One Thousand Minarets; it is the largest city in The city has many tourist attractions - the Egyptian museum of antiques, Khan-al-Khalili bazaar and the Pyramids of Giza. Cairo offers a huge selection of shopping and leisure; particularly good buys are perfumes, spices, gold, silver, carpets, brass, copperware, glass, and mashrabiya woodwork. The Hanging Church is Cairo's most renowned Coptic Church. The best way to know Cairo is to plan for an Egypt travel.

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