Describing the ageless splendour and charm of Egypt can be quite an arduous task. For how do you capture with simple words the spirit of a land that is as old as human civilization itself? Since time immemorial, people have been fascinated by the land of the mighty Pharaohs; the awe-inspiring pyramids; the gushing Nile; the bewitching beauty of Cleopatra and the mystery surrounding Egypt. As a result, it has always been a tourist hotspot. Thousands flock to this amazing place every year to capture and store in their hearts a piece of history. Egypt Tour Operators make your dream holidays come true.

The popularity of Egypt as a travel destination is driven by many factors like its strategic location that makes it easily accessible from any part of the world; an unmatched heritage, modern hotels, exotic locations, exciting shopping opportunities and its warm and generous people. Egypt Holidays are one of the best options available. Egypt is one of the largest developing tourism economies in the Middle East, and indeed in the world, ranking second and 14th respectively in 2005 in terms of projected annual increase of total demand, so Visit Egypt for making your holidays successful.

The number of tourists visiting Egypt reached a record number in 2006 of 9.1 million visitors that translated to 89 million room nights and generating an income of $7.6 billion. It caters to both mass leisure tourism and the more lucrative luxury and business travel segments.

Travelling can be a double-edged sword, it can either grant you a lifetime of memories or it can be a bad experience. Choosing the right tour operator is crucial in determining the quality of your trip. Tour operators abound in Egypt because of its ever increasing popularity. Indeed, for Egyptian tour operators Ancient Egypt sphinx tours, Valley of the Kings Tours or even the Nile Voyage Holiday Packages are common features. Evidently, what sets apart the "creme de la creme" from average tour operators is the quality they offer. It is very important to check the reliability, resources, hotel information, transparency, presentation, and years in business references before choosing your tour operator.

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