Being stylish is the mantra of the present day generation. From the smallest of things one purchases to the fancy places they visit to the attire they adorn themselves with, everything spells high on the style quotient. So, when we think about taking pleasure trips, going for family vacations or even while visiting a place for official reasons, we look for style coupled with comfort in our journey from the beginning till the very end.

So, if you have planned a journey to Egypt, you will have a variety of options to select from in terms of the travel agent that you have hired, the hotels you want to stay in, the places to visit, the number of days to stay and the costs incurred on traveling. Of these large numbers of options available to you, you will have to work out the ones that fulfill all your requirements. For this, you can go for the luxury Egypt cruises on the world's largest river - the Nile.

The Nile River cruise packages are four to eight days in duration. You can choose from a wide range of big boats which are complete with all modern amenities to make your trip an exciting one. You can also disembark and visit the local places. Here, you can visit the local places, Gel with the common people and enjoy the folk songs, the belly dances besides the fire, loose oneself in the open air museums, enjoy the rich Egyptian cuisine of vegetarian dishes such as Melokhaia and desserts like Basbousa and Um Aly and also shop for their traditional folk goodies for yourself. Truly, the Nile Cruises are going to be a perfect blend of luxury and comfort that you will pleasantly remember for the rest of your life.

Also, if you want to stay longer and visit all the famous temples, pyramids, museums and local markets, you can go for a combination of the travel and cruise packages and visits to all the tourist locations. You can also go for extension in your Egypt travel package to nearby countries. For more details on the best tour package at the most cost effective prices that will not burn holes in your pockets, please log on to and choose from an exciting range of packages from our user friendly website. The company also offers you the option of selecting custom packages that suit your requirements. You can also get discounts for advance bookings, so wait no more and get set to travel to the Land that is called the gift of the Nile.