There are a significant number of people who have a great urge and longing to visit Egypt. However the main reason why they step back from planning a holiday trip to Egypt is the expenses. The total expenditure covered to have an all-inclusive tour to Egypt is difficult to afford by many, especially by family men.

For you all, we have great good news. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to plan and enjoy a trip to Egypt and fall short of your savings. Worldwide tour and travel operators are now offering budget tours to Egypt keeping your interests in mind. STI Travels under the Sakkara Travel Group is serving its valued customers since 1972 and it has been ranked as one of the top ten travel companies as classified by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. You get budget tours from STI travel suiting your budget at the same time satiating your thirst for visiting the land of pyramids.

Egypt is surrounded by a number of things that interests a tourist. The geographical importance of Egypt with the great river Nile and the vast stretch of deserts, the cultural significance with pyramids, tombs, monuments and monasteries, historical resemblance with the great museums and the modern architecture, all made Egypt a land filled with places of interests and a mystical land. Egypt is visited by tourists all through the year, but there are particular times of the year when the rush is comparatively low. Egypt is flocked by tourists from June to September, during the Ramadan and again from November to Mid-April. From September to November the crowd is much less and tour operators can arrange for a budget trip at this part of the year. The total expenses including air tickets, lodging, fooding, tickets to museums or interesting theme destinations and the overall cost remains comparatively low and you can enjoy all the aspects of Egyptian heritage and culture to its fullest without worrying about your expenses.

There are also some packaged economy tours that suits your budget and requirements. All you need to do is to keep a constant eye on the Internet to search for budget tours and economy packages and plan your trip accordingly. The best part of experiencing Egypt Tour is that the natives of Egypt are very good hosts and they are famous for their hospitability. Other than your Tour Operators you get warmth and help from Egyptian people that will make your trip successful and satisfying. Visit for more details and go ahead with your travel plans to Egypt.