Selecting an Egypt tour or holiday can be overwhelming because there are a lot of places to see in Egypt and various custom tour packages to choose from. Few other countries on earth can actually boast a longer recorded and glorious history than Egypt. Egypt is gifted with the river Nile, which has given Egypt that special impact. Every year millions of tourists flock to this marvelous country and enjoy a visit to one of the most ancient and important monuments like the Pyramids of and Sphinx, the Karnak Temple, and the Valley of the KingsEach and every place in Egypt offers some of the most awe-inspiring sights.Going for a cruise on the Nile River is just one of the options that tourists can have in affordable Egypt. Due to the millions of tourists that flow into the country- Egypt travel agencies enable affordable deals for tourists. The increased competition among travel agencies has led to affordable travel packages that tourists can't resist.

Egypt is a Middle Eastern country located in North Africa having some of the world's unsurpassed ancient monuments and captivating pyramids. The Pyramids are one of the prime attractions of Egypt and are certainly included in the majority of custom tour packages. The pyramids of Egypt are intrinsic to Egypt's thriving tourism industry.

Egyptian pyramids are not just fascinating and breathtaking but also replete with mystery and grandeur. Egypt travel packages are representative of ancient Egyptian civilization and a high degree of sophistication and ingenuity was employed by the ancient Egyptians in building these pyramids.

Egyptian tour packages are largely focused on the pyramids located at Giza. These pyramids were built from 2550 to 2490BC and are also among the oldest surviving Egyptian pyramids. The first and largest pyramid was erected for the Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops). This towering pyramid rises 481 feet and covers 13 acres. STI Travel is one tour operator offering custom tour packages to Egypt. STI Travel makes sure that you get the chance to visit each and every place of interest in Egypt so that no relevant site is left out of your tour. We offer varied custom tour packages to Egypt that can be customized to your needs and requirements.

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