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For more information, call: 800-935-5000 or visit:

To provide an even more expansive range of cruise options, we are thrilled to offer motor-yacht

programs as part of our alliance with Variety Cruises, featuring luxury, premium and inviting

small ship cruise experiences in old-world as well as cosmopolitan locales. These itineraries are

a unique opportunity to savor the cultural, architectural, historical and natural diversity of each

port while enjoying a private and relaxed ship environment, fine cuisine, and personalized



Day Port Arrival Departure

Friday Marina Zea - Athens, Greece - 4:00pm

Friday Kea, Greece 9:00pm -

Saturday Kea, Greece - 2:00am

Saturday Delos, Greece 8:00am 12:00pm

Saturday Mykonos, Greece 4:00pm -

Sunday Mykonos, Greece - 1:00am

Sunday Santorini, Greece 8:30am 11:00pm

Monday Rethymnon, Greece 8:00am -

Tuesday Rethymnon, Greece - 2:00am

Tuesday Kithira, Greece 12:00pm -

Wednesday Kithira, Greece - 3:00am

Wednesday Monemvasia, Greece 8:00am 12:30pm

Wednesday Nafplion, Greece 8:30pm -

Thursday Nafplion, Greece - 1:00pm

Thursday Hydra, Greece 6:00pm -

Friday Hydra, Greece - 1:00am

Friday Marina Zea - Athens, Greece 6:00am -


Day Port Arrival Departure

Friday Marina Zea - Athens, Greece - 3:30pm

Friday Palea Epidaurus, Greece 7:30pm -

Saturday Palea Epidaurus, Greece - 1:00pm

Saturday Nafplion, Greece 8:00pm


Sunday Nafplion, Greece - 12:30pm

Sunday Monemvasia, Greece 7:00pm 12:00am

Monday Gythion, Greece 7:00am 10:00pm

Tuesday Pylos, Greece 7:00am 11:30pm

Wednesday Katakolon, Greece 6:00am 9:00am

Wednesday Patras, Greece 4:00pm 6:00pm

Wednesday Itea, Greece 10:30pm -

Thursday Itea, Greece - 1:00pm

Thursday Corinth Canal 5:00pm 5:30pm

Thursday Marina Zea - Athens, Greece 9:00pm -

Friday Marina Zea - Athens, Greece - -

Itineraries may be subject to change